5 Ways White Teeth Make You More Attractive

Why do we want white teeth? A beautiful smile portray wealth, intelligence, capability, and success. A bright white smile can even make you look years younger! Tooth whitening technology has improved in the last decade in leaps and bounds. Over the counter products can lighten teeth. In addition, cosmetic dentists have many treatments options available which can brighten your smile. Here are the top five ways that white teeth can make you look more attractive.

1. People Will Think You Are Smart

Smart people are attractive! Everyone loves to find the right balance of beauty and brains when they look for a partner. According to one study conducted in Great Britain, people linked a bright white smile to private schooling and higher education. So even if you are not an ivy league grad, you can look like one!

2. You Will Smile More

Tooth whitening procedures increase the love that you have for your own smile. If you are embarrassed of your yellowed or stained teeth, you will not smile. Once your teeth are pearly white, you will want to show them off! Everyone loves an attractive smile.

3. Look Younger

Scientists have found that people subconsciously measure the age of a potential mate by the look of his or her teeth. This likely dates back to old, primal urges. One component of the apparent age of your teeth is the shade. Teeth yellow as we age, so a whiter shade implies a younger age.

4. Make-Up Master

A white smile can be leveraged by bright shades of lipstick. Vibrant lip colors are best pulled off by those who want to draw attention to their lovely smiles. Once a person has a smile to be proud of, they can leverage it with lovely, colorful lipstick!

5. Wear Your Wealth

These days, a white smile has come to mean wealth. Instead of relying on subconscious urges, you can tap into very conscious judgement about status. A white smile shows that you have a lifestyle that supports fantastic dental care, cosmetic upgrades, and all of the best treatments and products. People are attracted to wealth. It is associated with dominance, intelligence, and stability. These are very attractive qualities!

There are many more reasons to want a whiter smile. Some want to improve their career, others want to improve self confidence. Teeth whitening has an impact on the way others see you as well as how you view yourself.

When it comes to aesthetic beauty, your smile is an important element. It tells people about you as a person, and your social standing. A gorgeous white smile can improve your level of attractiveness.

If you are interested in teeth whitening procedures, you can talk to your dentist! Many dentists offer these procedures at affordable rates. Karl Jobst, in Oklahoma, offers several options. You can find him by searching for “Karl Jobst Grove OK” online. Dentists can also help you improve the maintenance that you are conducting on your teeth, so that you are sure that you are caring for your beautiful smile in the best way possible.

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