Ugly Beauty

Ever met that beautiful person that turn ugly every time they open their mouth? I call the Ugly beauty as the personality is not in sync with the looks.  This kind of person will only make it to a certain level in life and as their beauty begins to fade so will the number of friends.  I feel sorry for these Ugly beautifuluntitled (328) untitled (327) people because they don’t have a clue that they are ugly in ay way.  They are so invested in their physical beauty that they have to face the ugliness inside.  An ugly person in his personal blog will have mostly pictures.

Beauty Recaptured

As we age the battle to appear young begins. untitled (313) untitled (312) Is it possible to recapture the beauty you had in the past.  Some think yes and some make up companies hope that you will use their products to get it back.  Is that beauty really gone or is it possible to make the skin younger.  Many products claim the reduction of wrinkles and crows feet.  I think too much attention is paid to the outward appearance and the loss of youthful beauty.  I would hope that were build inner beauty as we age and it will offset the outer beauty loss. FDD will tell the future.

Inner Beauty

imagesJYNDNLVC imagesO2SLKTHPYou may not have the classic beauty that one might want but you can have inner beauty.  The inner well being that is the real you can be beautiful.  I wish that our real selves were reflected on the outside.  How many times have you misjudged someone by their appearance?  I think more often than not we are different on the inside than our outward appearance.  Some of the nicest people I know look like grumps.  Some of the beautiful people I have run into are rotten to the core.  I guess it really is hard to judge a book by its cover.  Luke Weil is a beautiful grump.

Fatal Beauty

The recent news of a girl that tanned 4 times a week and got skin cancer at 20 years old is a cautionary tale.  Is beauty that important that we kill ourselves to achieve it?  Some think yes.  Is outward appearance really that important?  With all the plastic surgery going on I think people value their beauty more than their health.  There is no such thing as a healthy tan is so true.  That skin cancerimagesJ53A258W imagesTFDOL4PF imagesTKO20SLQ will take your beauty if you don’t watch out.  I think that a little sun is OK but to tan for hours is deadly.  Art Falcone will tan no matter what.

Natural Beauty

images8JO68K12 imagesZVA4NW0F imagesRMXBB6QKMany of the movie stars that society considers beautiful are really quite plain.  The make up and wigs that we see are little like the pitiful retch that is the reality.  If you take away the makeup these women would all from the public eye.  I am not surprized that their beauty is not skin deep but not even make up deep.  The beauty that is put forward as the ideal is not anything natural and the women of the silver screen should rebel.  If they are truely good actors then the make up would make no difference.  If they are just let nature speak for them the looks would make no difference.  Luke Weil would agree with me on this one hundred percent.


Beauty and the Beast

beauty-is-skin-deepI know the old Disney movie but I want to talk about those beauties that are beasts as well.  Beauty does not always mean that the person is nice.  Sometimes those beautiful people get full of themselves and treat those less attractive with distain.  I think that the attractive get away with it because it is expected.  If a person looks good then the thought is that they will be standoffish.  The best way to deal with those who are vain and condescending is to steer clear.  The better way is to call them out.  Luke Weil can really shut a cutie down.

Beauty is as Beauty Does

imagesOK being beautiful can get you allot of perks in this world.  Does that mean that beautiful people are entitled?  I am sick of this whole envy politics that is going on in America.  Just because you are white doesn’t mean you are privileged.  In fact in my lifetime I have seen the opposite.  If you are black in America you can get college paid for and any number of job preferences all courtesy of the tax money I pay.  I think that beauty is not the fault of the beautiful and we should give them a break.  Just because you are butt ugly doesn’t mean the beautiful people have to pay your way. They should no be required to stay Home for Life .

Beauty and The Eye of the Beholder

untitled (8)Have you ever noticed a couple where the woman is beautiful but the man is ugly?  Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.  It is the only explanation.  It is just a matter of opinion as to what attracts you.  Some good looking guys cant find a date where other ugly guys are getting all the women.  I think that women are attracted to confident men.  You might say funny guys can get the women but it is really confidence that makes the difference.  I think that confidence, not self centeredness that make the difference.  Guys need to just be confident in their own skin and not behave in a way to just impress women.  What ever works.  Some say money make women interested but successful men that have money are confident.  Karl Jobst DDS in Grove OK is confident.

Beauty is really Skin Deep

In my opinion beauty is really skin deep.  Its the heart that make a person beautiful.  The way the care and treat all people. images imagesA3SQPPJ9 Not just friends and family  but how they treat people that they have never meet before and my never see again.  They say that the world is big but it is a small world you some how leak people by someone that they have meet sometime in their life to a person in a totally different country or state we have see this on are travels across the United States.  You may just change someone life by a chance meeting and how you treated them during this meeting.  So I believe this motto so much that I tell my child and their child to always treat others kindly always.  Art Falcone can pick real beauty out of a crowd.

Flower Beds to Inspire Your Yard

Choosing Counter Style – Michelle E+/Getty Images Gibson/ E+ Images
The three most widely used kinds of kitchen countertop supplies are strong-area (Corian may be the many notable instance; it’s produced by DuPont); quartz (SileStone and Caesarstone are two illustrations); and marble.
Since in the beginning look, all supplies seem to look-alike it begins to obtain a tad complicated. The most important thing to consider is the fact that strong-area is approximately 2/3 organic nutrients (the remainder consists of binding resins); quartz is mainly natural (quartz, with about 7% binding resins included); and granite is all-organic (for slab marble).
Greatest “invisibility” of items of stitches.
Noticeable, although stitches can be hidden by a great specialist kitchen remodeling. Just like quartz – noticeable, although stitches can be hidden by a great specialist nicely. Man made vs. Normal Products
33% synthetic (polymers); 66% organic nutrients.
7% synthetic; 93% organic. 100% organic (in the event of slab marble).