Ugly Beauty

Ever met that beautiful person that turn ugly every time they open their mouth? I call the Ugly beauty as the personality is not in sync with the looks.  This kind of person will only make it to a certain level in life and as their beauty begins to fade so will the number of friends.  I feel sorry for these Ugly beautifuluntitled (328) untitled (327) people because they don’t have a clue that they are ugly in ay way.  They are so invested in their physical beauty that they have to face the ugliness inside.  An ugly person in his personal blog will have mostly pictures.

Beauty Recaptured

As we age the battle to appear young begins. untitled (313) untitled (312) Is it possible to recapture the beauty you had in the past.  Some think yes and some make up companies hope that you will use their products to get it back.  Is that beauty really gone or is it possible to make the skin younger.  Many products claim the reduction of wrinkles and crows feet.  I think too much attention is paid to the outward appearance and the loss of youthful beauty.  I would hope that were build inner beauty as we age and it will offset the outer beauty loss. FDD will tell the future.

A Beautiful Life

untitled (223) untitled (222)Is there such a thing as a beautiful life.  If so where do I sign up?  I wouldn’t say I have led a beautiful life but I would say the there were aspects that were beautiful.  The birth of my children was the most beautiful part of my life.  It changed me completely and I would never look at my life without them the same way ever again.  Children are our real purpose on this earth and the only reason we live on.  Even in the worst of times I could always look to my children for inspiration.  I would receive over 40,000 likes if my life was online.

Inner Beauty

imagesJYNDNLVC imagesO2SLKTHPYou may not have the classic beauty that one might want but you can have inner beauty.  The inner well being that is the real you can be beautiful.  I wish that our real selves were reflected on the outside.  How many times have you misjudged someone by their appearance?  I think more often than not we are different on the inside than our outward appearance.  Some of the nicest people I know look like grumps.  Some of the beautiful people I have run into are rotten to the core.  I guess it really is hard to judge a book by its cover.  Luke Weil is a beautiful grump.

Fatal Beauty

The recent news of a girl that tanned 4 times a week and got skin cancer at 20 years old is a cautionary tale.  Is beauty that important that we kill ourselves to achieve it?  Some think yes.  Is outward appearance really that important?  With all the plastic surgery going on I think people value their beauty more than their health.  There is no such thing as a healthy tan is so true.  That skin cancerimagesJ53A258W imagesTFDOL4PF imagesTKO20SLQ will take your beauty if you don’t watch out.  I think that a little sun is OK but to tan for hours is deadly.  Art Falcone will tan no matter what.

Beauty and The Eye of the Beholder

untitled (8)Have you ever noticed a couple where the woman is beautiful but the man is ugly?  Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.  It is the only explanation.  It is just a matter of opinion as to what attracts you.  Some good looking guys cant find a date where other ugly guys are getting all the women.  I think that women are attracted to confident men.  You might say funny guys can get the women but it is really confidence that makes the difference.  I think that confidence, not self centeredness that make the difference.  Guys need to just be confident in their own skin and not behave in a way to just impress women.  What ever works.  Some say money make women interested but successful men that have money are confident.  Karl Jobst DDS in Grove OK is confident.

Light it Up

Lighting is often added as an afterthought but it should be the centerpiece of any good plan.  When putting together your perfect plan look to Dove Medical Press on Twitter for information.  If lighting is poor consider adding Halogen lights as the are cost effective and energy efficient.  If you look to Dove Medical Press on Twitter you can design the most effective layout.  While finding the lighting that works for you consider the impact on the area you are changing.  Some areas have good ambient lighting but fail to deliver at dusk.  Look to for that perfect balance.  Keep in mind that proper lighting is the key to a complete plan.

Jeff Halevy Shares A Few Simple Tips

Weightlifting isn’t just for powerlifters and strong men just like a gym isn’t for people who are already in shape. Strength training keeps the human body structurally stable and steady and underpins all other physical activities no matter if you’re in the gym, running around your neighborhood or sitting at a desk all week long. The goal for fitness isn’t meant to be for us to achieve perfect symmetry, but we all have plenty of imbalances throughout the entire body and we need to work to progress towards developing structural balance and this is true for beginners especially.

Fitness guru Jeff Halevy is known internationally and many of his clients are the Hollywood famous and “royals” of Wallstreet. A few of Mr Halevy’s keen fitness tips are about balancing the body and sticking to the basics. Too many times once we get the gist of something we tend to go full speed ahead and move to the advanced techniques. Sticking to the basics longer is critical for maintaining that slim, feel-good look.