Jared Londry Discusses Impact of Lighting, Location and Building Type on Commercial Real Estate Value

jared londry discusses impacts of lightThere are a number of factors that will play a role in a potential commercial real estate buyer’s decision, but Jared Londry is often quick to point out that those factors simply represent a subset of a single overarching question: How much potential income is this building capable of producing? This applies to the type of building the buyer is reviewing as well as the building’s location and the lighting used within the building, so it is critical that both buyers and sellers understand precisely how each individual factor plays a role in diminishing or enhancing the building’s profit potential.

Of course, Londry is more than qualified to discuss how to evaluate a building’s profit potential given his involvement representing sellers in high-value sales that include prime commercial property in SouthPark as well the 33-story South Tryon office building, both of which are located in the rapidly expanding commercial market in Charlotte, North Carolina. Londry has also represented sellers in commercial real estate transactions valued at just shy of $40 million and is routinely involved in sales of more than $7 million.

When it comes to the overall value of a commercial real estate property, the use of halogen lighting versus other lighting systems is typically not an issue that buyers consider with any degree of seriousness. Ultimately, the decision to buy a commercial property has everything to do with the building’s profit potential, which is primarily determined by the level of demand inherent in the real estate market and the property operations that are either already in place or can be implemented in relatively short order.

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