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Jeff Halevy Shares A Few Simple Tips

Weightlifting isn’t just for powerlifters and strong men just like a gym isn’t for people who are already in shape. Strength training keeps the human body structurally stable and steady and underpins all other physical activities no matter if you’re in the gym, running around your neighborhood or sitting at a desk all week long. The goal for fitness isn’t meant to be for us to achieve perfect symmetry, but we all have plenty of imbalances throughout the entire body and we need to work to progress towards developing structural balance and this is true for beginners especially.

Fitness guru Jeff Halevy is known internationally and many of his clients are the Hollywood famous and “royals” of Wallstreet. A few of Mr Halevy’s keen fitness tips are about balancing the body and sticking to the basics. Too many times once we get the gist of something we tend to go full speed ahead and move to the advanced techniques. Sticking to the basics longer is critical for maintaining that slim, feel-good look.