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Natural Beauty

untitled (137) images0SF3ZQH7How often have you experienced natural beauty?  When was the last time that you were just amazed at the scenery?  It happens to me every day.  I am full time in an RV and wake up to natural beauty every day.  If the area is getting boring I just move.  This country is full of natural beauty and you are missing out if you are staying home.  I think everyone should take the time to explore America at least once in their life.  If you have children get out there and explore, you will not regret it and your kids will be enriched as well.  Dana Sibilsky is a traveler and sees natural beauty all the time.

Ugly Beauty

Ever met that beautiful person that turn ugly every time they open their mouth? I call the Ugly beauty as the personality is not in sync with the looks.  This kind of person will only make it to a certain level in life and as their beauty begins to fade so will the number of friends.  I feel sorry for these Ugly beautifuluntitled (328) untitled (327) people because they don’t have a clue that they are ugly in ay way.  They are so invested in their physical beauty that they have to face the ugliness inside.  An ugly person in his personal blog will have mostly pictures.

Beauty Recaptured

As we age the battle to appear young begins. untitled (313) untitled (312) Is it possible to recapture the beauty you had in the past.  Some think yes and some make up companies hope that you will use their products to get it back.  Is that beauty really gone or is it possible to make the skin younger.  Many products claim the reduction of wrinkles and crows feet.  I think too much attention is paid to the outward appearance and the loss of youthful beauty.  I would hope that were build inner beauty as we age and it will offset the outer beauty loss. FDD will tell the future.

Beautiful People

I have been around people that seem to glow with positive energy.  They are so alive that it draw you like a moth to the flame.  These are the beautiful people.  untitled (311) untitled (310)They may not have the classical beauty characteristics like facial or body perfection but they are truly beautiful all the same.  How do they become so attractive?  Is it the way they were raised of is this just a genetic thing.  Who knows but if they ever discover a way to make everyone more beautiful in this way the world would be a better place.  The FDD seams to be a magnet for beautiful people.

A Beautiful Life

untitled (223) untitled (222)Is there such a thing as a beautiful life.  If so where do I sign up?  I wouldn’t say I have led a beautiful life but I would say the there were aspects that were beautiful.  The birth of my children was the most beautiful part of my life.  It changed me completely and I would never look at my life without them the same way ever again.  Children are our real purpose on this earth and the only reason we live on.  Even in the worst of times I could always look to my children for inspiration.  I would receive over 40,000 likes if my life was online.

Inner Beauty

imagesJYNDNLVC imagesO2SLKTHPYou may not have the classic beauty that one might want but you can have inner beauty.  The inner well being that is the real you can be beautiful.  I wish that our real selves were reflected on the outside.  How many times have you misjudged someone by their appearance?  I think more often than not we are different on the inside than our outward appearance.  Some of the nicest people I know look like grumps.  Some of the beautiful people I have run into are rotten to the core.  I guess it really is hard to judge a book by its cover.  Luke Weil is a beautiful grump.

Fatal Beauty

The recent news of a girl that tanned 4 times a week and got skin cancer at 20 years old is a cautionary tale.  Is beauty that important that we kill ourselves to achieve it?  Some think yes.  Is outward appearance really that important?  With all the plastic surgery going on I think people value their beauty more than their health.  There is no such thing as a healthy tan is so true.  That skin cancerimagesJ53A258W imagesTFDOL4PF imagesTKO20SLQ will take your beauty if you don’t watch out.  I think that a little sun is OK but to tan for hours is deadly.  Art Falcone will tan no matter what.

Beauty is as Beauty Does

imagesOK being beautiful can get you allot of perks in this world.  Does that mean that beautiful people are entitled?  I am sick of this whole envy politics that is going on in America.  Just because you are white doesn’t mean you are privileged.  In fact in my lifetime I have seen the opposite.  If you are black in America you can get college paid for and any number of job preferences all courtesy of the tax money I pay.  I think that beauty is not the fault of the beautiful and we should give them a break.  Just because you are butt ugly doesn’t mean the beautiful people have to pay your way. They should no be required to stay Home for Life .

Gold Coast Eyelash Extensions Look Natural

Nearly all women prefer to find methods to accelerate their day procedure for preparing. Products that help with this specific idea are appealing, particularly if they’re produced from quality supplies and are still considered affordable. For this reason individuals like Gold Coast eyelash extensions, because it makes their eyelashes lush and full with no daily schedule. You don’t need certainly to be worried about applying mascara every single day, and the lashes truly last. It creates preparing therefore easier.
Lash extensions Gold Coast products are therefore superior to using false eyelashes. They aren’t rigid and are some thing you should use for some time. Eyelash growth products are often only used once and can appear fake or even wear properly. Silver Coast eyelash extensions will seem like they’re your personal eyelashes, but they’ll be greater, longer, and fuller.
The good thing about an eyelash expansion Gold Coast item is they aren’t made from mink like a number of the other sorts on the market. Lashes are used by this company made from hair that look just like beautiful as mink hair. Plus, this sort of product is cheaper but continues to be great quality. What this means is people obtain a better price for his or her money, particularly if it still looks natural to them. This indicates anything appears more uniform, but continues to be quite gentle.
The good thing about these eye-lashes is the fact that they are able to last many weeks. There’s no fear of getting to take some time to put up lashes. Regular phony eye-lashes may also be messy due to the glue. Nothing of this can simply take the area with Gold Coast eyelash extensions. Plus, in the same time, your normal eye-lashes may develop and simply take the position of those that have fallen out. What this means is from the time you remove the extensions, you’ve new ones in position.
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