What to do about Thanksgiving’s Turkey Leftovers

Now if you say that you don’t have any turkey leftovers after thanksgiving is done, well then we would have to say that you just are not cooking enough turkey. It is a shame that turkey is not more popular than it is now, though it is popular, if it were a bit more popular we would be a whole lot healthier. Not only is turkey low in fat, but it is high in protein, and a great source of iron, zinc, and B vitamins. There are a whole plethora of books written on just the subject of turkey, so if you are wondering what to do with those turkey leftovers please whatever you do don’t throw them out. You could make turkey broth soup, gravy for mashed potatoes, and my personal favorite good ol’ turkey sandwiches.

Given the season that thanksgiving represents, if you cannot find, or just dont want to put those trimmings to good use than how about donating them to your local homeless shelter or mission. Turkey leftover are nutritional goldmines and not only are they a good source of phosphorous as Terry Simpson MD likes to say, but they are great for helping you take a nap with, so fill your belly with some turkey leftovers, take a nap, and live a little bit healthier. It is certain that if you throw that turkey away, not only will you have to chase away every cat and dog in your neighborhood from your garbage cans, but Santa may just put you on the naughty list.

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