About Kim Bettasso

An established leader in the field of investment management, Kimra Bettasso brings a wealth of experience to the company she founded, RETIRE LOGIC & 401K Legit. With a long-standing reputation as one of the most insightful financial advisors in the industry, Kim Bettasso founded RETIRE LOGIC & 401K Legit after realizing that there was a segment of the market that was not being properly reached and was therefore not benefiting from the type of sound investment strategies that yield a significant return while laying the foundation for retirement. Through RETIRE LOGIC & 401K Legit, Ms. Bettasso has created a company that has been able to reach this segment of the marketplace and more, as her company has quickly become one of the most sought-after firms in the industry.

The popularity of the services Kim Bettasso has made available through RETIRE LOGIC & 401K Legit has grown immeasurably as a result of the company’s consulting services and multimedia presence. Ms. Bettasso has created a YouTube channel in which the company is able to educate its clients on a number of issues relating to investment management, including diversification, asset allocation, vesting, company matching contributions, pre- and post-tax contributions and other pertinent issues. The access to this information has been received well by clients and hailed for the simple manner in which the information is presented, as Ms. Bettasso has gone to great lengths to ensure that the information is easily understood by those who may have no previous familiarity with investment management.

Since the company’s founding, Ms. Bettasso has seen the demand for the services offered by RETIRE LOGIC & 401K Legit grow significantly. During this time, Ms. Bettasso has made every effort to ensure that the principles the company was founded upon are honored, as she believes that it is of vital importance to provide personalized investment strategies that carefully consider the individual need of each and every client. The company’s services are as popular and in-demand as ever, with clients clearly appreciating the company’s efforts in providing advice that has been personalized in a way that makes it most likely that short- and long-term financial goals are achieved. Through individualized services and a keen understanding of the marketplace, Ms. Bettasso has enjoyed a great deal of entrepreneurial success through RETIRE LOGIC & 401K Legit.

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