Natural Beauty

images8JO68K12 imagesZVA4NW0F imagesRMXBB6QKMany of the movie stars that society considers beautiful are really quite plain.  The make up and wigs that we see are little like the pitiful retch that is the reality.  If you take away the makeup these women would all from the public eye.  I am not surprized that their beauty is not skin deep but not even make up deep.  The beauty that is put forward as the ideal is not anything natural and the women of the silver screen should rebel.  If they are truely good actors then the make up would make no difference.  If they are just let nature speak for them the looks would make no difference.  Luke Weil would agree with me on this one hundred percent.


Beauty and the Beast

beauty-is-skin-deepI know the old Disney movie but I want to talk about those beauties that are beasts as well.  Beauty does not always mean that the person is nice.  Sometimes those beautiful people get full of themselves and treat those less attractive with distain.  I think that the attractive get away with it because it is expected.  If a person looks good then the thought is that they will be standoffish.  The best way to deal with those who are vain and condescending is to steer clear.  The better way is to call them out.  Luke Weil can really shut a cutie down.

Beauty is as Beauty Does

imagesOK being beautiful can get you allot of perks in this world.  Does that mean that beautiful people are entitled?  I am sick of this whole envy politics that is going on in America.  Just because you are white doesn’t mean you are privileged.  In fact in my lifetime I have seen the opposite.  If you are black in America you can get college paid for and any number of job preferences all courtesy of the tax money I pay.  I think that beauty is not the fault of the beautiful and we should give them a break.  Just because you are butt ugly doesn’t mean the beautiful people have to pay your way. They should no be required to stay Home for Life .

Beauty and The Eye of the Beholder

untitled (8)Have you ever noticed a couple where the woman is beautiful but the man is ugly?  Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.  It is the only explanation.  It is just a matter of opinion as to what attracts you.  Some good looking guys cant find a date where other ugly guys are getting all the women.  I think that women are attracted to confident men.  You might say funny guys can get the women but it is really confidence that makes the difference.  I think that confidence, not self centeredness that make the difference.  Guys need to just be confident in their own skin and not behave in a way to just impress women.  What ever works.  Some say money make women interested but successful men that have money are confident.  Karl Jobst DDS in Grove OK is confident.

Beauty is really Skin Deep

In my opinion beauty is really skin deep.  Its the heart that make a person beautiful.  The way the care and treat all people. images imagesA3SQPPJ9 Not just friends and family  but how they treat people that they have never meet before and my never see again.  They say that the world is big but it is a small world you some how leak people by someone that they have meet sometime in their life to a person in a totally different country or state we have see this on are travels across the United States.  You may just change someone life by a chance meeting and how you treated them during this meeting.  So I believe this motto so much that I tell my child and their child to always treat others kindly always.  Art Falcone can pick real beauty out of a crowd.

Shining a Light on Internal Beauty Just as Important for Self-Esteem

There have been countless studies confirming the fact that when we look good, we also feel good. This has long been used as yet another reason to work on our appearance through diet, exercise, and, of course, beauty products. We have talked about how halogen lighting can be used to highlight our personal appearance so that we are always putting our best foot forward, but it is equally important that we shine an appropriate amount of light on our internal beauty as well.

The studies that have confirmed how our appearance influences how we feel each day based its findings on the personal perceptions of those interviewed. This means how we judge our own appearance is much more important than how others judge our appearance. It should therefore be the case that we focus on internalizing our feelings of beauty so that our confidence is as visible as Occidental Vacation Club reviews. Those who are around us from day-to-day see subtle changes in our appearance, and it is important to recognize that we are in charge of those changes through our behavior and perception.

Knowing this, it is just as important to be confident as it is to be dressed sharply and in flattering clothes. When we feel good as we leave home each day, we are sure to return home feeling even better. We should always endeavor to look our best by first accepting who we are and being so proud of our internal beauty that it is impossible for others not to see that beauty shine through externally.

Halogen Lights Are a Longstanding Secret of the Beauty Industry

Our appearance on a daily basis is incredibly and undeniably important, and there are many products out there that promise to help us as we attempt to look beautiful every moment of the day. In print and media advertising, we are exposed to a constant stream of products modeled on some of the most attractive people in the world, leaving us to wonder how much of a difference we can make by using that product ourselves.


While Joe Olujic is quick to note that there are many ways that advertising exaggerates the effects of many products, there is one trick that we can take from the advertisers for use in our own homes: halogen lighting. This type of lighting has long been used in the beauty industry and the advertising industry to emphasize the features of models and to make them appear as attractive as possible. The lighting they use, along with the cosmetic products they advertise, is what contributes to our desire to buy the products being sold.

In order to get the most out of a beauty product, it is best to use it under the same conditions as those who use the product in the advertisements. Halogen lighting is an efficient option in terms of both cost and energy use, and the fact that it helps improve our appearance is certainly a major reason for considering installing these types of bulbs throughout our home. Now if we could only convince our bosses to install these lights at work, too.

Beauty Is Everywhere

We wake up, get dressed and rush out the door in a frantic panic with a quick on-the-go breakfast to our jobs. We zone out in newspapers and electronics without taking notice to the world around us.  We see a common, every day tree and pay it no thought. Have you taken the time to really think about something as common as a tree in the extreme details?

If so, you’d be amazed at how beautiful and complex they really are. For example, no tree is exactly alike. Different root layout alone with a different arrangement of branches that give each tree of the same species and genus it’s own character. The leaves are a system all of their own, the bark protects, the roots stabilize and nourish and the top (branches) of a tree is an exact mirrored reflection of the bottom (roots). Come to think of it, trees are a lot like us. Different, yet the same and beautiful in every complex way. Take an adventure some time and really pay close attention to the beauty around you, but first be sure to read up on Kion Kashefi’s Solo Travel Tips before embarking on your own. 

The point is, the majority of us blow through the day without a thought or a nod to beauty. Beauty is now known only to be possessed by someone of UK Models or the rich and famous. When you begin to see he beauty in everyday things we take for granted, you learn to love life more and you see the beauty in life itself.

Beauty Is An Opinion

As the saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. In other words, beauty is an opinion, a thought or belief held by an individual that cannot be taken as fact or truth. When it comes to being beautiful, everyone has a different idea of what makes something beautiful whether in regards to  an object such as a vase, a car, nature, an animal, colors, a woman or to some women even a man can be beautiful. If you believe you need assistance in being the beautiful, two things influence that: Your self-image and Terry Simpson MD.

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