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5 Cosmetic Beauty Treatments That Are Trending in 2018

Cosmetic surgeries have existed for decades. Many people in the past may be skeptics when it comes to this industry, however, the new era of cosmetic procedures are more patient-friendly, less invasive, and have even come down to affordable costs.

“The recent spikes of cosmetic surgery clients over the years has been unprecedented,” according to Dr. Usha Rajagopal, a known Cosmetic Surgeon. This is mainly due to the culture found in popular media, where everyone seems to be required to have a specific look in order to feel confident with their perceptions of themselves. “Whether it’s to feel confident, to reduce discomfort or to avoid signs of aging, I have seen many patients undergo cosmetic surgeries with one motive underlying everything: to have better-looking bodies,” says Dr. Usha Rajagopal.

Thankfully, this industry has done leaps and bounds in terms of advancement for health and safety reasons. That is why more trends are popping up–doctors and researchers are constantly finding ways to revolutionize cosmetic surgery to make it more accessible to clients who aspire easy and affordable makeovers.

In this post, we will be looking into 5 cosmetic procedures that will be big this year.

5 Cosmetic Beauty Treatments That Are Trending in 2018

1. Non-invasive bra lift surgery

Natural, plump looking breasts are ideal when a woman is in her 20s to late 30s. However, bodily changes that occur after pregnancy, weight gain and aging will result in some bad effects on the breasts such as wrinkling or sagging. This can cause discomfort to some women and even lack of confidence as sagging breasts are seen to be unattractive and difficult to hold up.

Traditional methods of fixing this problem include cutting up a portion of the skin around the breast to stretch and lift the breast. This can involve a lot of downtimes and is more invasive than some would prefer. The new technology called “Laser Bra Lift” only involves the use of laser machines to lift up the breast tissue and restore a breasts’ once youthful form. This can be preferred by women who do not want to have scarring or downtime through traditional breast reduction methods.

2. New and improved Botox (Botox 2.0)

Botox is one of the frequently used injectables with many uses. It can be used as a lip filler, facial filler and an overall body filler that has a long-lasting effect. Botox is used primarily to reduce signs of aging such as wrinkles, skin sags and lack of tissue due to muscle loss in some parts of the body. “In 2018, we can expect a much-improved version of Botox. Perhaps a Botox 2.0, one which can be administered more easily and conveniently, with fewer side effects and will probably last longer than the original Botox,” says Dr. Usha Rajagopal.

3. Hair restoration surgery

There is nothing more desirable than a crown full of hair. A common cosmetic concern for men, hair restoration will become a big thing in 2018. Since some topical solutions are deemed ineffective and may even cause allergic reactions, more men have resorted to having hair restoration treatments via cosmetic surgery. This can involve skin grafting, lasers, injections or through the all-new light therapy to increase the presence of hair. Now, male pattern baldness can’t just be circumstance out of fate. It can be completely avoided using these modern and safe procedures.

4. Eye fillers and injectables

The eyes are a window to our soul, and also, a window to beauty. Aside from our smiles, one of the first facial features that build the first impression is our eyes. The eyes can say a lot about the overall health and appearance of a person. Bright, youthful looking eyes are ideal and sunken, dull eyes filled with dark circles and bags are unappealing. Thankfully, there are more trends in 2018 that can help solve this problem. This includes eye fillers and other injectables that can be used around the surface of the eyes to add plumper, reduce dullness and improve the overall complexion of the skin around the eyes.

5. Non-surgical fat reduction

Although a healthy diet and exercise are the cornerstone of a good-looking body, there are other alternatives that can aid us in speeding up the process of weight loss for better results. Most people back in the day would be hesitant to undergo plastic surgery because of its invasive nature. Now, more trending procedures involves non-invasive techniques such as Radio Frequency Fat Reduction and Laser Lipolysis. This helps reduce the risk of surgical fat reduction and patients’ anxiety during treatment. Aside from this, non-invasive fat reduction cosmetic procedures have little to no downtime, which is a great bonus for people who are considering to get their youthful figure back.

2018 is a year of possibilities and advancements in the cosmetic industry. If you are someone who is considering to undergo these treatments, make sure to do your research and find reputable doctors for consultation and treatment.