Arturo Alvarez-Demalde Outlines How to Balance Professional and Societal Goals

office-594132_960_720Arturo Alvarez-Demalde would likely be the first to point out the danger of viewing any aspect of business as a zero-sum game in which there is always someone on the losing end of the deal. In almost every circumstance throughout his career as a venture capitalist, Alvarez-Demalde has sought to ensure that every venture with which he became involved was designed in such a way that there was a clear benefit to every party, even those who might simply be tangentially involved in some small way.

According to Alvarez-Demalde, the goal of the venture capitalist should not be solely based on achieving individual success or accumulating vast amounts of wealth; instead, Alvarez-Demalde has repeatedly expressed a desire to generate a successful outcome in such a way that it is the kind of success that can be shared with many others. In the same vein, Alvarez-Demalde has long avoided practices related to his venture capital efforts that would cause harm in order to create a benefit for others. As a result, Alvarez-Demalde has succeeded in balancing his own professional goals with those of society at large.

Darren Pawski Shares 5 Essential Restaurant Behaviors

Darren Pawski Shares 5 Essential Restaurant BehaviorsWhen it comes to etiquette, if you need the best then you have to give the best. According to Darren Pawski, most people get ill-treated at restaurants because they are either rude or they are totally clueless about high-end restaurant behavior. If you can master the simple rules of good dining then you will easily pass as a totally refined individual. Here are five essential rules, by Pawski, that should get you great service at any world-class restaurant:

1. Never Wipe your Mouth with a Napkin
You might have seen people dabbing their mouths with the napkin and thought that you can extend it to wiping your mouth. “This is a mistake most people make,” according to Pawski. This white piece of cloth is meant for dabbing the mouth gracefully. Forget about what you might have seen in movies. Do it nicely and you can be assured of great service.

2. Toasting Rules
Contrary to what most people think, one should never stand during a toast as stated by Pawski. He explains that we should always remain seated and extend the glass in the direction of the person toasting. He continues to state that letting your glass tap another person’s glass can be translated as a rude gesture in most high-end restaurants. Another thing he cautions is that every important person should at least be conversant with the order of glasses on the table.

3. Seating
Pawski says that being confused about the seating arrangement can turn an important person into a complete fool. He advises that before you seat ask the hostess about the seating arrangement. This can help one avoid the embarrassment of being asked to move because you sat in the wrong place. He adds that seating posture is also important. He advises against seating while leaning either backward or forward. It does not matter what you are used at home. Furthermore, he says that one should never support their hands on the table.

4. Food
When it comes to eating he insists that we should forget the dining habits we are used to at home. This is because some things that we take for granted such as adding salt before tasting food or picking our teeth at the table might be insulting. He adds that if you need to remove meet from your teeth or blow your nose, you should excuse yourself from the table and go to the washroom.

5. Socializing
Most people like to use the social set up of a restaurant to strike up conversations. According to Pawski, you might end up upsetting people if you are not careful on what you talk about. He explains that people hold different views on issues such as politics and religion. He advises that unless you know where a person stand is on such issues it would be better to talk about the weather.

Pawski concludes by stressing that it can be easy to be mistaken for being rude while what you are is ignorant. He adds that these restaurant rules are easy to master and you can practice them at home. He assures that they will pay out by getting you great service at any high end dining place.

Jared Londry Discusses Impact of Lighting, Location and Building Type on Commercial Real Estate Value

jared londry discusses impacts of lightThere are a number of factors that will play a role in a potential commercial real estate buyer’s decision, but Jared Londry is often quick to point out that those factors simply represent a subset of a single overarching question: How much potential income is this building capable of producing? This applies to the type of building the buyer is reviewing as well as the building’s location and the lighting used within the building, so it is critical that both buyers and sellers understand precisely how each individual factor plays a role in diminishing or enhancing the building’s profit potential.

Of course, Londry is more than qualified to discuss how to evaluate a building’s profit potential given his involvement representing sellers in high-value sales that include prime commercial property in SouthPark as well the 33-story South Tryon office building, both of which are located in the rapidly expanding commercial market in Charlotte, North Carolina. Londry has also represented sellers in commercial real estate transactions valued at just shy of $40 million and is routinely involved in sales of more than $7 million.

When it comes to the overall value of a commercial real estate property, the use of halogen lighting versus other lighting systems is typically not an issue that buyers consider with any degree of seriousness. Ultimately, the decision to buy a commercial property has everything to do with the building’s profit potential, which is primarily determined by the level of demand inherent in the real estate market and the property operations that are either already in place or can be implemented in relatively short order.

John Pryor Strength Training: Staying Motivated in Areas Prone to Low-Light Conditions

John Pryor Strength trainingThere are a variety of reasons why some of the world’s top distance runners flock to Eugene, Oregon, in order to train for some of the most important competitive events of their careers. Access to some of the best distance coaches in the world as well as outstanding facilities certainly play a role, and for many American runners, the idea of running on the same trails as Steve Prefontaine surely serves as an additional draw. In keeping with some of the most common John Pryor strength and conditioning philosophies, these athletes have to also account for some of the drawbacks that come with training in the Pacific Northwest, particularly the lack of natural light.

As any resident of Eugene — or any other geographic location prone to low-light conditions — will tell you, halogen lamps are often used to combat the negative effects associated with the frequent lack of natural light. This means that athletes training in areas like Eugene have to make sure they are finding other sources of vitamin D, as any nutrient deficiency may end up having a negative impact on a training program’s overall effectiveness. Whether it is through halogen lamps or nutritional supplementation, athletes should be evaluated on a regular basis to ensure that they are not being adversely affected by the low-light conditions inherent in locations that are otherwise ideal for training.

Is the Temperature and Lighting in Your Office Limiting Productivity?

With so much emphasis on ensuring workplace productivity so that businesses are able to get the most out of the salaries they pay their employees, it is somewhat surprising that it is only recently that more attention is being paid to how office conditions have an impact on the efficiency of employees. Everything from the lighting to the layout of the office has an impact on workplace productivity, and now there is more in-depth research detailing the effect of the office’s paint color and its various temperature settings.

There is a reason that certain areas of the world are just more productive than others, and it is the same reason that certain kinds of behavior are likely to spike during certain seasons or under specific environmental conditions. Shortened daylight hours in many Scandinavian countries have been tied to increased feelings of depression, and appropriately heating phoenix az has been shown to influence productivity in an overwhelmingly positive manner.

One of the reasons that many businesses have been hesitant to improve office heating and lighting relates to cost, but the gains in productivity are likely to eclipse any subsequent increase in energy expenditure. Even in this circumstance, however, there have been systems developed to ensure that the lighting and heating is used in an optimal fashion so that vital resources are not unnecessarily wasted. Through the use of sensors placed throughout the office, heating and lighting can be controlled according to the presence of employees. When there is no one working in the office, the lighting can be turned off automatically and the heating or air conditioning reduced to a more efficient level until employees return.

For the increasing percentage of those working from home, attention should also be paid to the conditions they create in their workspace. While some work-at-home employees may be tempted to cut costs on energy use or on the quality of lighting, the lost productivity will be far greater than the potentially saved energy costs. In some cases, the utilities used in a home office may be tax deductible, so it is very likely to be worthwhile for a work-at-home employee to take advantage of the opportunity to increase productivity simply by cultivating a comfortable and efficient home office environment.

Murziline Parchment Discusses Influence of Different Light Sources in Photography

Due to the ubiquity of camera-equipped smartphones capable of taking increasingly impressive photographs, more people are becoming familiar with the artistry involved in photography. With a wide range of filter options, these amateur photographers get to experience firsthand the effect that even the slightest of alterations can have on an image’s composition. Despite this enhanced access, a quick scan of Instagram and other photo-sharing websites quickly reveals that there is a lack of understanding regarding the impact of differing light sources. Murziline Parchment has therefore suggested that aspiring photographers take the time to develop a greater understanding of how to take a great photograph in every light condition.

Most photographers — amateur or otherwise — tend to be particularly interested in understanding the light conditions that will be most flattering for their subjects. Two light sources capable of enhancing any photographic subject immediately come to mind: natural light and halogen light. Through the use of halogen lights, photographers have found that the best features of their subjects tend to be enhanced in a way that was once thought to only be possible under ideally timed natural light conditions. As Murzline Parchment has noted, the fact that natural light conditions are obviously impossible to control means that halogen lights represent one of the most effective and widely available options for photographers of all ability levels.

Once photographers have developed this understanding, the next step is to learn how to arrange and manipulate halogen lights to yield the most desirable results. It is also important to consider the fact that it is not always possible to utilize halogen lighting in every circumstance, so photographers have to be able to figure out how to use existing sources of light to their advantage. This may involve moving subjects to a more suitable location or altering the position of their pose to enhance their best features, but amateur photographers may not be willing to do this when they are simply trying to capture a moment in the most organic way possible.

According to Murziline Parchment, this is a common issue for photographers of all ability levels. Being able to control the various conditions that influence the final photographic outcome is clearly important, but it may also result in photographs that hardly reflect reality. So how can photographers achieve the kind of balance that leads to aesthetically pleasing images that do not appear rigid or forced? Many professionals suggest that the use of appropriate filters along with an investment in editing software makes it possible to create consistently outstanding photographs even in the absence of halogen lights or ideal natural light conditions.

Of course, editing software can be quite expensive, and there are obvious limitations when photographers only have access to the camera that is included with their smartphone. While there are some interesting lens attachments that work quite well with a smartphone, most experienced photographers will be quick to note that no one should ever expect to take consistently outstanding photographs while only using a smartphone. No amount of insight into light conditions or filter options will overcome the simple fact that a phone is not capable of yielding a photograph comparable to the images taken with professional-grade equipment.

It seems clear that aspiring photographers will eventually have to invest in quality equipment if they are serious about photography as a form of artistic expression rather than just a fun and interesting recreational pursuit. Given the expenses associated with this kind of equipment, Murziline Parchment suggests that it is probably more ideal to first learn the tricks of the trade involving light conditions and filter options before moving on to more serious equipment. This strategy will ensure that aspiring photographers have a better understanding of the right equipment for their purposes, as there are many variables to consider that are unlikely to be very clear without a great deal of personal experience.

There Is Beauty In Slaske Builders Handiwork

When I was in the military, I would travel around often and I have seen some incredibly beautiful things as well as incredible, beautiful people. It’s amazing how much beauty is in the world if you decide to open your eyes to see it all. I’ve traveled to Spain, Italy, Germany and I probably know the UK like the back of my hand. I’ve seen the stunning structures built all through Rome that were built to last much like my house back in the States made by Slaske Builders.

I’ve often times wondered why aren’t there such stunning buildings in America as there are in the Eastern parts of the world. Have you ever laid eyes on the Sistine Chaple? Have you ever taken a look at the details and architecture of a Mosque? It’s probably the most stunning thing you’ll find human beings have created by hand. How about the Pyramids in Egypt? The beauty of them lies in how perfect they are and the mystery of them still has us asking, “How?”

When Slaske Builders built my home probably 5 years ago, it was and to this day still is the most beautiful thing I have seen because they built my dream home and it was mine. My hard work and dedication went into everything that house is today and I wouldn’t take anything for it. It’s no Sistine Chaple, but it is made from the finest materials that I got to pick out myself, so it might as well be. I have even decorated it with paintings from the Renaissance.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I love the building styles of Slaske Builders and I would highly recommend anyone who wants a beautiful dream home of their own to request them to build your house that you’ll spend the last years of your life in. I promise you, you will not regret it.


How to Reduce Wardrobe Spending Without Sacrificing Quality

A peek inside the closet of anyone who is remotely interested in fashion will reveal a wealth of wardrobe options that could only have been accumulated through the lavish spending of wealth. Most of those who have closets brimming with clothes would likely wish to reduce the amount they spend on clothing while also freeing up some much-needed closet space, but many feel that this is hard to accomplish without having to make sacrifices in terms of quality. Fortunately, the financial strategists at Ian Leaf Corporation have offered a unique option to address this issue.

Though it may seem counterintuitive, the best way to reduce clothing expenditures is to raise the minimum floor on spending for individual purchases. This will serve a number of beneficial purposes that include reducing the total number of items added to the wardrobe while also ensuring that the items added are only of the highest quality. With a raised floor on spending it also become more likely that purchases will be thoughtfully evaluated rather than made on impulse. How much the spending floor is raised will depend on each individual’s personal financial status, as a $100 floor may simply not be enough for someone who brings in seven figures annually.

Before implementing this strategy, it is best to go through the closet to eliminate anything that is not a necessity. Even something that is appealing when it is pulled out of the closet should be discarded if it has not been worn in the past six months. Ideally, the goal should be that the closet only includes items that are of excellent quality and are used with relative frequency. Once this fashion purge has been completed, the focus can shift to adding items to the wardrobe only if they first meet the required spending minimum.

Most people who have adopted this strategy find that they do not buy clothes unless they have thoroughly evaluated if they will be useful enough to warrant the relatively high cost. Since there is more care put into evaluating the clothes that are added to the wardrobe, impulse spending along with fashion spending on the whole is reduced. This is because it is much easier to spend $40 or $50 several times over than it is to spend $200 on a single item. The former strategy will likely yield purchases that are wasteful expenditures, while the latter strategy encourages high fashion purchases that represent a true value to the buyer.

Natural Beauty

untitled (137) images0SF3ZQH7How often have you experienced natural beauty?  When was the last time that you were just amazed at the scenery?  It happens to me every day.  I am full time in an RV and wake up to natural beauty every day.  If the area is getting boring I just move.  This country is full of natural beauty and you are missing out if you are staying home.  I think everyone should take the time to explore America at least once in their life.  If you have children get out there and explore, you will not regret it and your kids will be enriched as well.  Dana Sibilsky is a traveler and sees natural beauty all the time.

Lighting Is Important, But a Unique Style Makes All the Difference

lightingIn the beauty industry, we always make a big deal about the lighting. In photography and film, the light plays a major role in what the viewer perceives, so it makes sense that we pay so much attention to the ideal light settings in our industry. When it comes to everyday beauty, however, there are simply too many instances where we have no control over the lighting in which we are seen. Our hair and makeup obviously plays a role in how we are seen by others, but the simplest way to project your beautiful personality is by adopting a style that is all your own.

As Luke Weil says, you do not have to wear something outlandish or actively try to draw attention to yourself through the style you adopt. You should, however, wear something that is reflective of your unique personality and makes you feel comfortable wherever you go. Comfort and style do not often seem as though they would go hand-in-hand, but when you get your style just right you will see that your level of comfort is as high as it is when you are lounging around your home in a pair of old sweats.

Expressing yourself through style is not the easiest thing to accomplish. It may take some time to realize your true style, but make sure that you are working on showing off your unique qualities through the style you adopt each and every day and always feel confident in the outward expression of your beauty.